Andras Bulkai


Andras Bulkai


Titles and Degrees

  • BEng (Hons) Engineering Science & Technology, Loughborough University 2001.
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Loughborough University 2007.


  • Hungarian (mother tongue).
  • English (fluent).


  • 2020 – Present: KSERIS Knowledge Transfer Non-Profit Ltd., Budapest
  • 2017 - Present: Bulkai Ltd., Budapest
  • 2016 – 2020: Central European Research Center. Ltd., Budapest
  • 2005 – 2015: MFKK Invention & Research Center Services Co. Ltd., Budapest
  • Experience
KSERIS Knowledge Transfer Non-Profit Ltd
  • Technical Director & Owner
  • KSERIS Non-Profit Ltd is a specialised non-profit SME with expertise in Knowledge Sharing, Education, Research and Innovation Support (KSERIS). It includes a core team of highly experienced RDI and management professionals complemented by individual task forces of carefully recruited, project-specific specialists of exceptional profile.
  • Base activities focus on establishing collaborative mechanisms and innovation valorisation between academia and industry, including in the context of cross-border and interdisciplinary cooperation. The company provides product development assistance, recommendations on knowledge transfer and innovation strategy, as well as services for professional project management, exploitation, dissemination, and education.


Central European Research Center. Ltd

  • Technical Director
  • The Central European Research Center (CERC) was established in 2010. The company is 100% private-owned and specialized in research and development, science communication and business development. CERC has its own developments (e.g.: BrailleJet – Tactile graphics printer) and also involved as a development partner in a number of other projects where their main role is to support the development through their expert knowledge in mechanical engineering and software development.
  • The role of the technical director to manage all ongoing developments and constantly search for new areas where the expertise of CERC can be utilised.

MFKK Invention & Research Center Services Co. Ltd.

Business Line Manager

  • The company’s main business activity is taking part in various European and National funded projects as coordinators and technical developers as well. The company also writes proposals and carries out an overall service to help the competitiveness of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).
  • Main activities within the company included leadership of a team, resource management, technical development, decision making (both technical and managerial), partner communication, project coordination, and mechanical engineering related development work.

Publications and Papers

  • A Bulkai “Advanced Strain Measurement in a Thread Connection Using Finite Element Analysis” 2003 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics
  • A Bulkai, A Nurse “Variation analysis of thread connections using spring models” 2004 SEM X International Congress & Exposition on Experimental & Applied Mechanics
  • Guillermo Blasco, András Bulkai, Juan Chávez Domínguez, András Havasi, Miguel García Hernández, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Jordi Salazar Soler, Antoni Turó, Yago Yanez “Tyretest – Development of low cost non-destructive inspection equipment to improve the assessment of tyre integrity” RUBBER 2008 conference – 3rd Rubber Symposium of the Countries on the Danube - OCTOBER 15-17, 2008, SZEGED, HUNGARY,

  • M. J. García, A. Turó Y. Yañez, J. A. Chavez, G. Blasco, J. Salazar, A. Bulkai. “TYRETEST: NDE Ultrasonic Imaging System for Integrity Assessment of Industrial Tyre Casing” International Congress on ULTRASONICS, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, January, 11-17 2009

  • Bulkai,A, Dominguez, C; Hernandez, G; Salazar Soler, J;Turo,A “Non Invasive Instrument for Determining the Porosity of Powder Metallurgy Parts” PM2010 Powder Metallurgy World Congress & Exhibition, Florence, Italy 10-14 October 2010

  • A. Wootsch, A. Bulkai, G. Tóth, D. Molnár, M. Kozák, P. Kesserű, Á. Koós, P. Sebestyén, Q. Zhang, Zs. Libor, W. Blanken, M. Cuaresma Franco, M. Janssen, R.H. Wijffels “Increasing The Competitiveness Of European Non-Energy Algal Sector By A Novel Solution For Biomass Production” EU BC&E 2012 European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy 18 – 22 June 2012

  • A Bulkai “Advanced finite element analysis for strain measurement in a threaded connection” Doctoral for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University, July 2007.