Ilona Vass


NAME:    Dr Ilona Vass 

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Pápa, 27. December, 1950  

NATIONALITY:   Hungarian 

MARITAL STATUS:   married, two children (Gyöngyvér 1976, Andrea 1986) 

PERMANENT ADDRESS  H2038 Soskut, Ret utca 2.



                              Mobile: +36 30 3360036


      1962-1964  South Mountain Junior High School, Allentown, Pa. USA

      1966-1970  Vajda János Grammar School, Keszthely, Hungary

      1970-1975 The Chemical University of Veszprém - Master of Chemical System Engineering

      1980 The Chemical University of Veszprém - Doctor Technicus in Applied Mathematics


            Hungarian mother tongue

            English high level understanding,speaking, writing

            French basic level 


2004 - Dec. 2010 National Office for Research and Technology, Budapest

      General Vice President

    As one of the two vice presidents, I was responsible for general affairs of the 165 staffed funding agency of the Hungarian government handling 100-150M Euro annual funds. My task was to plan, coordinate and manage the complete scale of activities that the organisation must accomplish: R,&D policy planning and  implementation, regulations,  European affairs. In this context I worked in close relation with middle managers, set objectives, check progress and make adjustments in order to fulfil our mission. This role also required extensive external relationships and cooperation with professional associations within Hungary, EU and other governmental organisations. I represented Hungary in EU research affairs such as CREST, Eureka, and a number of other joint initiatives. 
    2003-2004 Office for Research Fund Management and Research Exploitation, Budapest

      Director general

    Responsible for complete contract management of R&D&I funded from the Hungarian Innovation Fund and EU Structural Funds

    Manage activities of the executive agency with 80 personnel,

    Provide human, technical, financial resources and ensure that they are used effectively,

    Implement competitive calls for proposals and organise peer review evaluations in close cooperation with the policy-making unit of NKTH and Steering Authorities

    Establish, manage, monitor funding contracts 

2000-2003 Ericsson Hungary Ltd., Budapest

      Director of the R&D Support

Responsible for managing operational support of the R&D Unit 

1996 -2000 EUREKA Secretariat, Brussels

      Deputy Head of Secretariat (As diplomat four year secondment from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

      • Responsible for budget and business planning
      • Active interest in the development of strategic initiatives, building close contacts with industry
      • Closely involved in strategic planning and formulation of Medium-term Plan
      • Statistical analyses and monitoring of the project portfolio.



1992- 1996 Ministry of Industry and Trade, Budapest

      Deputy director - Department of Innovation

      • Responsible for quality matters, technical regulations.
      • Successfully completed the transformation of several testing and certification institutes to private companies.
      • Responsible for coordinating R&D acticities in industry, especially SMEs
      • Formulating technology policy including the restructuring of the innovation infrastructure (state-owned contract research organisations to private enterprises)
      • Special assignment to head the Board of directors for a large manufacturing company under privatisation.



1990 - 1992 self-employed project manager

      Commissioned to manage a team of software developers working for Hungarian pharmaceutical companies to develop a laboratory information system for the computer assisted certification of drugs 

1989 - 1990 Gedeon Richter Pharmaceutical Works, Budapest

      Departement for Quality Assurance, system engineer

      Responsible for design and implementation of a Laboratory Information System. 

1981- 1990: Technical University of Budapest

      Faculty of Analytical Chemistry, fellow researcher

            Research and lecturing in chemometrics, expert systems, quality assurance systems 

1980 - 1981 Research Institute for Plastics, Budapest

      Fellow researcher

      Responsible for computer processing of analytical data 

      1975 -1980 Research Institute for Technical Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Veszprém, Hungary

      Junior later fellow researcher

      Responsible for the mathematical modelling of chemical processes (crystallisation) 


I have proven management skills and experiences with coordinating large, very broad interdisciplinary teams ( technical people, lawyers, government administrators, industrial managers) in multicultural environments. I have worked in both public and private spheres.  I am highly performance oriented, and can bear heavy burdens. I believe to be good at priority setting, project management. My system engineering background helps me to approach  all problems systematically, therefore, I think I am effective in problem solving. I am a  team worker. I believe a manager's job is to enable, empower the people working together on a task.   I have good communication skills, build relationships easily. I have also gained some experience in conflict handling.

I have spent 4 years in Brussels working in a secretariat consisting of a staff of 12 nationalities. The secretariat acted as a focal point for Pan-European member states (25 at that time) also, which meant I had to deal with consensus building for many different countries.

My job at a Hungary-based multinational company, Ericsson has also provided valuable experience in a multilingual, multicultural environment in a very large for-profit organisation.