Ludmilla Gorovaja Kiss


First name


Date of Birth





Gorovaja Kiss



31 July 1952

Russian: mother language

Hungarian: proficient user

English: proficient user 

1980 - 1982: Budapest Technical University: Master Degree in Material Testing

1969 -  1974: Belarus Technical University (Minsk): Master Degree in Machinery Technology

Work Experience

Nuclear Power Plant Paks:















1979 - 1981 Project manager for plant system inspections

  • Site inspection and super control of nuclear plant operation and the services provided by contractors
  • Inspection of equipment and facilities during commissioning and start up 

1981 - 1986 QA and Material Testing Engineer

  • Assessment of the plant quality of the operation, maintenance and investment  programmes
  • In-service inspection and technical supervision of nuclear equipment and plant components
  • Preparation of technical documentation for manufacturing and machining of spare parts for nuclear maintenance
  • Approval of technical documentation on completeness and quality
  • Qualification of contractors and subcontractors
  • Inspection of incoming goods

1986 - 2001 Head of the QA Department for the Production Division

  • Qualification of contractors and subcontractors
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures for individual tasks, indicating criteria, responsibilities, levels of approval and reporting
  • Use of ISO9000 and update of the QA standards for maintenance and operation
  • Management and participation in internal and external Quality Audits at Paks NPP ( IAEA OSART Mission, WANO PIER Review)
  • Establishment and control of the operation of the  TQM system at  Paks NPP
  • Preparation of Paks NPP Company Quality Policy
  • Preparation of the Quality Assurance Manual for the full scope of the company activities, including operation, financial, administrative, human resource, procurement at Paks NPP
  • Preparation of working manuals with the description of requirements and responsibilities. 
  • Review and update of the working manuals of the Paks NPP operation

2001 - 2005 Head of the Section for Data Processing and Analysis of the performance indicators of the nuclear operation

  • Establishment of Data Processing system
  • Evaluation of daily operational data and preparation of weekly, monthly and annual reports for use by the plant management
  • Analysis of safety indicators, the reliability and the efficiency of operation 
  • Contact with Hungarian Nuclear  authorities, preparation and review of applications;


Public Relations


Expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the field of Data Processing of the Performance Indicators

Development of Data Processing technology for Statistical Analysis and Review of Trends on the area of Operational and Safety data

Participant of QA training for managers of nuclear power plants

Participant in Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) member 

Member of the Executive Board of Hungarian Nuclear Society

Chair of the Hungarian Association of Women In Nuclear (WiN) Communication with public organisations and the press concerning the present and the future of the nuclear industry

Member of the Executive Board of International Association of WIN