Zoran Morvay

Proposed role in the project:                                    
1.         Family name:                                Morvay
2.         First name:                                    Zoran
3.         Date of birth:                                  28 July 1957
4.         Nationality:                                     Croat
5.         Civil status:                                    Married
6.         Education:
Institution (Date from - Date to)
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained
University of Zagreb, Croatia; 1976-1980
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1981-1983
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering
University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1985-1990
Ph.D. in Power Systems
Imperial College, London, 1996
MBA in finance, 1/2 of the course completed,
than suspended due to relocation to Thailand
7.         Language skills: (1-excellent, 5 – basic)
8.         Present position: Project manager, consultant, visiting lecturer on Energy and Environmental Management subjects at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Science at University of Zagreb, Croatia 
9.         Key qualifications:
·Experience in setting up and/or implementing energy and environmental policies developed and demonstrated on the projects for UNDP, GEF, TACIS, UNMIK administration in Kosovo, Vietnam and Thai Governments;
·Strong power system background, experienced in project identification and pre-feasibility analysis of opportunities for electricity generation from RES;
·Experience in procurement and project management in energy efficiency sectors (industry, buildings, RES) acquired by working on the projects financed by European Agency for Reconstruction, World Bank and UNDP;
·Experience in developing energy and energy efficiency strategies, setting up energy and environmental policies and implementing complex development projects demonstrated on the projects for UNDP, GEF, TACIS, UNMIK administration in Kosovo, Vietnam and Thai Governments;
·Familiar with environmental treaties, due diligence procedures of international financing institutions (IFI), EBRD in particular, ISO 14000 standards, EU environmental directives;
·Experience in energy and environmental auditing and development of energy and environmental management plans and programs;
· Experience in developing and/or supporting operation of energy agencies in Armenia, FYROM, Vietnam, Thailand and most recently Kosovo, and working with governments, private sector and NGO representatives;
· Experience in developing and implementing financing mechanism for energy efficiency acquired by working for EBRD, UNIDO, UNDP, GEF, World Bank, EU-TACIS, THERMIE and SYNERGY programmes, CDM and bilateral donors, like GTZ Germany, NOVEM the Netherlands, the UK Know How fund, US AID, NEDO Japan;
· Familiar with operational procedures of IFI’s, and experienced in liaison with IFI’s (WB, EBRD, KfW, IMF) and various private investors from power sector;
· Working experience in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China) and Africa;
· Good analytical, problem solving, organization, communication and project management skills, proven ability to operate in multicultural environment, to lead multinational teams and to achieve results.
10.          Specific experience in the region:
Date from – Date to
May – October 1994
1995- 1996
July 2002 – August 2005
1981-1991; August 2005 -
June 2008 -
11.          Professional experience record:
Date (from-to)
June 2009 -
June 2009
April 2009
March 2009 -
Feb 2009
Jan 2009 -
July 2008 -
Feb. – May 2008
December 2007 -
May / Nov 2007
April – Dec. 2007
May –Dec. 2006
July 2005 -
August 2005 -
Decemb. 2005
July 2004 -
July 2005
Jan/2003 –July 2004
July 2002
Dec/ 2002
B&H, Croatia
Montenegro, FYROM
Kosovo, Ukraine, Albania
Brussels, Belgium
Zagreb, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia, Thailand
Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina, Kosovo
Bangkok, Thailand
Belgrade fund for political excellence
GTZ open regional fund Energy
European Parliament
UNDP/ Ministry of Economy
Appolonoa/ EBRD
UNDP/Ministry of Economy
UNDP/Zagreb Holding
United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) –European Union (EU) Pillar
UNMIK EU Pillar Energy Office/
KTA – Energy Division
ENCONET (Thailand) Ltd.
Adviser to the Minister
Senior adviser
Senior energy expert
EE expert
Senior energy advisor
Visiting expert
Project Manager
Senior expert
Project Manager
Project Manager
Senior Energy Advisor
Head of Energy Office and of Policy and Strategy
Consultant for
Energy Strategy development
o         Adviser to the Minister of Economic development on energy issues and integrated rural development
o         Lectures on EE policy making and effective policy implementation
o         Energy management in cities – developeing and implementing a national program
o         Capacity building for energy management in cities and new projects development
o         Scoping of energy support needs for new country program and action plan
o         EE training for loan officers, identification and definition of typical EE measures in SME and residential sector
o         Support for implementation of and capacity building for national energy efficiency project in Montenegro;
o         Short term energy efficiency expert;
o         Preparation and kick off EP participation in the Energy foresight project;
o         Evaluation of implementation results of the 2002 energy strategy of Republic of Croatia, Update of energy strategy for next 10 years, and new energy strategy implementation program,
o         Environmental audit of “Zeljezara Split”, a steel maker
o         Preparation of Energy Efficiency Master Plan for Croatia, and national energy efficiency action plan;
o         Introduction of energy and environmental management system for a holding of 23 public utility companies;
o         Managing implementation of national energy efficiency program in building sector (20 M USD total funding);
o         Feasibility studies on cogeneration plants based on bio mass and bio gas, and for small scale hydro power plants;
o         Establishing a partial financial guarantee facility with Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and negotiating respective agreement between UNDP, HBOR and Ministry of Economy;
o         Managing a project development fund (PDF), procuring goods and services of consultants and suppliers, and managing their contracts;
o         ECO efficiency project E3Agro for improvement of competitiveness of Thai palm oil industry through electricity generation from bio gas and by better energy and environmental management,
o         UNMIK representative at Permanent High Level Group (PHLG) of the Athens Process on establishment of Regional Energy Market (REM) in South East Europe:
                                -Negotiations of the legally binding Treaty on REM
                                -Review and comments on regional energy strategy
                                -Relationships with neighboring power systems
                                -Coordination of implementation of Athens Process                                   commitments within Kosovo;
o         UNMIK’s coordinator for the REBIS study (Balkan regional electricity study on demand, generation, transmission and environmental issues in the region) financed by European Commission, and co-managed by the World Bank;
o         Project Manager of the World Bank supported project ‘Review of legal and institutional framework for investment in the energy sector of Kosovo’;
o         Responsible for development of legal and institutional framework in energy sector in Kosovo (the Energy office was established in Jan. 2003, no sectoral governance structures were in place at the time).                      
o         Completion of the Energy Strategy and Policy ‘White Paper’ for Kosovo and submission to Government for review and approval, inclusive of a consolidated public investment plan for energy sector development in excess of 800 M euro;
o         Coordination of preparation of an Energy Efficiency Master plan and a feasibility study for establishment of Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency;
o         Advising deputy director general of DEDP (governmental Department of Energy Development and Promotion) on implementation of Thai National Energy Conservation Program (with budget of more than 500 M US$);
o         Managing an EU-THERMIE supported project for implementation of the Thai energy conservation programme (ENCON) by technology transfer and related training;
o         Capacity building and on-the-job training for the Training division of DEDP on developing and managing training projects, sponsored by GTZ – ENEP (Energy Effi­ciency Promotion Project of German International Cooperation Agency (GTZ) in Thailand);
o         Implementation of large number of projects on energy management systems with the monitoring and targeting techniques for Japanese blue chip companies;
o         Capacity building and train-the-trainers project (12 months) for energy and environmental auditing in industry, 8 groups of trainers trained in Hanoi, Ho Shi Min City and 6 regional centers in Vietnam for MOSTE, sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands and EU-Synergy;
o         Risk assessment at financing energy efficiency improve­ment projects, training course for trainers, ibid.
o         Development of 8 bankable industrial energy effi­ciency improvement project proposals for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), MOSTE, Vietnam sponsored by JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency);
o         Energy and environmental management training programme for regional authorities in Chong Chin and Guang Zhou in China, EU Syn­ergy;
London, UK
ENCONET International Ltd.
Business Development Director
o         Energy conservation technologies related training pro­gramme for Department for Energy Development and Promo­tion, Thailand, 3-ten days workshops in North, South and Cen­tral Thailand, sponsored by EU-THERMIE;
o         Emergency assistance through Detailed energy and envi­ronmental auditing in petrochemical complex (oil refinery, fertilizer and petrochemical plants) Pancevo in Yugoslavia, spon­sored by UNIDO, Vienna, Austria;
o         Managing a number of Environmental audit and impact assessment projects, for EBRD, London;
o         On-the-job training on identification, preparation and ap­praisal of energy projects and facilitation of disbursement of an approved loan, for Ministry of Economy of FYROM, for EBRD London;
o         Investors Guidebook on Environmental protection, Health and Safety, for Albania, Croatia, FYROM and Slovenia, EBRD, London;
o         Preparation and Implementation of National Energy Policy, European Union, 1st and 2nd TACIS en­ergy projects for Armenia;
Oct.1990-Jan. 1992
Ocy. 1981-Oct.1990
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia
ENCONET International
University of Zagreb, Fac­ulty of Electri­cal Engineer­ing
General Manager
Lecturer at the Power Systems De­partment and project manager of research and applied projects
o         Proposal for energy sector programs for Task force meeting on preparation of UNDP 5th pro­gramming cycle projects, Ankara, Turkey;
o         International Environmental Academy, Geneva - Training Course for Ukraine government/industry representatives on en­ergy and environmental management;
o         Production of 3 ‘Energy Conservation Buses’ and a Training Bus for "Electrical Power Resources Survey and De­velopment Administration" Ankara, financed by the World Bank;
o         Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Man­agement - setting up priorities, study for Yugoslavia ordered by UNDP New York;
o         1986-1990: Project Manager on behalf of Croatia, of UNDP/UNIDO Project "Industrial Energy Conservation", Sub Project "Energy and Environmental Auditing ". Manager of Training Centre on Energy and Environmental Auditing and Energy Management Systems.
o         1985 – 1989: Project manager of Croatian Energy Conservation Program;
o         Member of the UN-ECE Energy Commission in Geneva;
o         Teaching:
                                                Power systems, Industrial energy systems,
                                                Energy and environment
Zagreb, Croatia
Institute of Electrical En­gineering
o         Reliability of electricity supply
Selected Publications
  1. Z. Morvaj, and others: Energy Audit in Industry , published in proceedings: Environmental Management in Ukraine, held in Geneva, Switzerland, 1991 (English)
2.      Z. Morvaj, and others: Energy Auditing Handbook, UNIDO, 1993, (English)
3.      Z. Morvaj, M. Kosir: Manual on business planning for energy efficiency projects, including software for financial analyses, supported by Thai ENCON Fund, EU Thermie, 1994, (English)
4.      Z. Morvaj, Gvozdenac, D., Košir, M.: Systematic Approach to Energy Conservation in the Food Processing Industry, Manual for Train-the-Trainers Programme consisting of guidebook, workbook, case study, software tools, lecturers’ notes), supported by Thai ENCON Fund, EU Thermie, ENEP program, 1999, (English)
5.Z. Morvaj, Gvozdenac, D., Sathapornprasath, M.: Integrated Energy And Environmental Performance Monitoring Of Manufacturing Processes, International Conference on Energy and Environment, Pukhet, Thailand, February 2003, (English)
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  1. Z. Morvaj, B. Sucic: A guide for preparation and conducting of preliminary energy audits in industry, published in June 2009, (in Croatian)
11. Z, Morvaj, G. Cacic: Systematic resource management as a basis for sustainable  
      development of cites, 12 EURA conference, Madrd. 3-6 June 2009 (English)