Bulkai KFT, located in Budapest, provides energy and environmental consulting services for domestic and international clients. These include:

  • Comprehensive environmental services including audits, surveys, planning and engineering design and specification.
  • Energy management, design and audit, energy surveys.
  • Environmental impact assessment, visual impact assessment, ecological design, waste management.
  • Energy & environment awareness, energy efficiency best practice, environmental design/advice, waste transfer & recycling.
  • Sustainable development approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Particular expertise in industrial sectors including energy management, CHP, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gas treatment, solid wastes and effluent treatment.
  • Environmental and metallurgical consultancy services including waste management, due diligence technical reviews, project scope definition, project monitoring, project design reviews including process flow diagrams, heat and mass balances, plant layout, equipment specification and supplies adjudication, capital cost estimation, project planning, HAZOP review assistance.
  • Conceptual and detailed design reviews, project engineering and co-ordination, project management, bankable documents.
  • Waste to energy, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, mineral processing and process control.
  • Services to support the development and implementation of energy efficiency and climate change mitigation institutions and infrastructures.
  • We believe quality is the tool for achieving high standard results. Ludmilla’s experience in the nuclear industry proves that quality is even more important if combined with safety. Participation in the development of quality assurance systems, daily experience in the assessment of the plant operation, practice in the day to day review and improvement process for more than 15 years provides unique background.  In any business for being successful requires professional approach, team work, attention to details – clear quality policy, advanced QA system and multi level control.
  • We also believe, that training and well structured transfer of know how are important components both in project development and policy advisory consultancy services and Zoran’s experience is a major asset in this field.
  • Krisztina has worked over 20 years in World Bank, UNDP, FAO and other international organisations as environmental policy advisor and project manager.
  • Miklos, the Deputy Director General of the Energy Department of the Hungarian government ministry responsible for energy retired in 2011 and joined Bulkai KFT. 
  • Ilona, our new team member is an experienced system engineer with a track record of national end international management of research and development funds in public and private sectors.  In her last position Ilona was the head of a government agency handling over €150M R&D funds with a staff of over 150 experts.